Wednesday, 13 June 2007


The Makete District Officer have visited the self support Organisation of People Living with HIV/AIDS called PIUMA in their head office Bulongwa.

When talking to the members of the Executive committee he said apart of his intention to familiarize with the group, his visit have a purpose of inspecting the structural preparation to start a Care and Treatment Organisation.

In his comments concerning the preparedness of the group the district medical officer said "I was pleased with your buildings and the technical resources you have got"

PIUMA have applied for the licence for care and Treatment since last Year the application which have been delayed and the District medical officer was thought to be against this good will of the organisation to help in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

The group have got a number of expertise including medical doctors, nurses, and Pharmacists. It have been learned that the group is being supported by the Evangelical Association for the World Mission in Austria.

If successful the group will be the first one of its kind to own a treatment center and it is expected that through its cooperation with it long time standing partners, the Partec the company based in Germany that manufacture Medical equipment and the McGill University the organisation will be able to carry researches on HIV and AIDS

In its future programs the organisation is intending to run a mobile clinic, a newsletter "Pamoja" and the radio "Southern Link"


Anonymous said...

You seem to derive new words HIVER?????
Where on earth did you hear of such a term.

MBOGELA, Jackson said...

Anonymous, Language is not static, it is growing, people form words, Intelligent people drive words, if you never heard such a term on your earth take it from here, it is from another planet, the planet where people who hate corruption lives, people who hate people who benefit through the suffering of others stay.

It has been such a high time that we have to speak with one language and with a very strong voice and let every one that have been hiding by the name people of cloth tend to harvest unripe fruits from their masters farm.

More than Tsh.242 Milion from Global funds dispareared in Makete, they were intended to help to intensify a battle against HIV, no one questions? Instead we question words and spelling, There have been more that Tsh. 240 million donor funds intended for soacial and economical project by the ELCT - SCD dissapeared under leadership of Bishop Manyiewa, No one thinks about that. Bulongwa Lutheran Hospital is such a scratch where you will never want to be treated you wound, it have changed from being the best hospital in the southern Highlands to being a rotten spot on earth. we need to help, we need to say hey people wake up and do something. Again I do not care wheather i write or speak a perfect english as one would wish, But what I care is people are given chance to leave, their right to treatmeant and affordable treatment will is observed, it is a human right issue, why should they die.

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