Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Betty Visiting Makete

The news that have just landed on our table from Makete says that the HIV/AIDS counsellor from Njombe Betty Liduke is her official visit to Makete.

Sources from Makete says that Betty will meet the leaders of PIUMA and latter on tomorrow she will attend all members meeting.

Among other things Betty is visiting the organization so that to render her assistance on action plan for the year 2008.

TANWAT hospital the employer of Betty have been in good cooperation with PIUMA though the highlands hope consortium.

Monday, 28 January 2008

New Hope in Makete Hills

Last Friday when I was walking in front of the Mbeya post office I met Dr. Mwakabana. The name of Dr Mwakabana is among of the very few names that have emerged from No where in Makete District and now is mentioned by more than 65,000 Christians of the Lutheran denomination.

Dr. Mwakabana is an interim Bishop of the south central diocese of the Lutheran church in Makete District.

The diocese have to get some one from The ELCT head office following the removal of Pastor Sahdrack Manyiewa by the vote of NO.

Manyiewa have to be removed from that post following long time pending allegation of embezzlement and fraud that have been embraced by the diocesan leadership for years.

Mwakabana is viewed by many as person who will bring big changes to the diocese regarding with book keeping, management and well being f the Christians in the diocese.

It have been learnt from the inner sources of the diocese that Mr. Manyiewa will now be made the director for the Bible studies by correspondence department, “Elimu ya Theolojia kwa Enezi”, ETE. Something that have been objected by many and the writer of this blog.

Mr. Manyiew being one of the directors of one of the department within the diocese wil,create more chaos and unnecessary conflict. It is being observed that though Manyiewa have been removed from the post he is still making underground campaign to bring his name in the next general election in two year to come.

The fear of many is Manyiewa and his friends will disturb the newly bishop to rpove to the world and the mission who were embracing him that he is better than any body else for SCD.

The question are the People of Makete expecting too much from Dr. Mwakabana who is acting bishop for only two years?