Saturday, 28 April 2007


In a very strange and unexpected situation, the diocesan council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, South Central Diocese have come out silence in their last meeting concerning their previous decision on the suspension of Bishop Manyiewa.

Bishop Manyiewa was suspended last two months from his service following allegation on embezzlement, fraud and mismanagement of funds from local income generating projects and donor money.

Opposite from the expectation of the majority, the Bishop have never obeyed the decision of the council and have been seen going to the office on daily basis. Many are questioning the safety of the evidences following the allegations.

Further more the bishop have been keeping at his house all the few three remaining car the property of the diocese at his home.

Much more one car which was assigned under the office of the general secretary has been changed into a commercial car doing business of carrying passengers from one town to another and the money gained from this business has never been accounted to any one.

The diocesan council that met last week was expected to come out with reasons to why the bishops have not obeyed its decision, something which never happen.

When members asked about this they said the council could not force the bishop to go on suspension because the diocese could not get the money from donors to afford school expenses.

There has been all necessary arrangement by the church to change the decision of the council from suspending its bishop into granting him with the sabbatical leave.

If the bishop and his team will manage to manoeuvre the decision of the council will be awarded with a scholarship to go for further studies under donors’ sponsorship.

When asked for their opinion the parish members of this diocese they were surprised with the kind of “a good hearts” are these donors will be carrying. “some one have stolen and slaughtered you flock, then he is given and got to sell and get some times to rest while chewing the piece of meet he has kept this more that the good Samaritan of the bible times”, commended one of the Christians.

In this meeting the councils have made some changes where by Samson Sanga the general secretary who is an accountant by professional, who have not been in good books with the Bishop and trusted by many Christian have been replaced by pastor Levis Sanga the headmaster of the diocesan school.

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Rainer Brandl said...

Dear Jackson

I do not wonder, it is the same strategy of delay, spreading rumors and lies which is followed by lutheran church people no matter if they come from Tanzania or out of their european partners.

Well, people who have stolen millions from the hospital and form porjects all ovver the dicoces and money from the bishops office! People who are responsible will be sent on leave again paid out of the pocket of donor money? I do not think so. Anyway it is true the LMC meeting under participation of the "northern partners" has again decided to send money to SCD - not as announced to ask the stolen funds to be paid back!

It is said that the small donors in Europe, who really want to help the poor are betrayed by church people who control the system. I am ashamed that there are also these "neo-colonialist" pastors in Europe who support this move. They have manged to support a powerful system here and the poor Maketeans have to suffer.

No wonder that they did not give a single statement when patients suffer and die.