Wednesday, 13 June 2007


The new General Secretary for the South Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT-SCD) have been installed last Sunday.

Rev. Levis Sanga a masters holder in theology was appointed to take over the post of the general Secretary following the resignation of the former general secretary Samson Sanga.

It was said by some member of the diocesan Council where Samson have submitted his resignation letter that Samson was disappointed by the poor performance of the diocese and lack of transparency and accountability from the high ranking officers of the diocese.

There have been a long time outstanding conflict between the Bishop Manyiew the head of this diocese with his immediate subordinates.

the appointment of Rev. Levis have been taken by the majority like it is a way of trying to sort the problem of the diocese. Rev. Levis is said to be accepted by donors abroad who were disappointed by the performance of this diocese to the point of suspending their direct support to this diocese.

when asked for comment some parish members who have spoken with this blog said "It is not enough and can not help, what is important is the diocesan councils and the bishop to understand that they are leading a diocese with a vague system"

"they nee to mend the system of responsibilities to put the vehicle diocese on road again" finished the comment the source which is been seen several times very close to bishop manyiewa.

The Problem of mismanagement and lack of the pillar of administration, Transparency, accountability and collective responsibility was reported by the end of 2004 following a massive embezzlement of millions of donor money that were targeting for Community social and Economical development projects including the money that were allocated for the fight against HIV.


Brittany said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...

Software / Spare parts can be installed not the Secretary...... Another one just so that you improve you dont seem to learn.

MBOGELA, Jackson said...

Gain Thank you Anonymous for paying attention to my blog and the articles published in this blog. By the way you may be very formal with the way you play with your words and english Unfortunatuly your comment was very dry and the english you are insisting I should make it right is not straight. Sorry to dissapoint you.

It is the fact that there many who are benefiting from corrupt system including the church, governemntal insititutions and NGO as a result many are dying every second, we need to talk about such issues, they are more important to both of us, I mean me and you and not the mere spelling issue.

Next time try to be concerned with the content, otherwise i can hire you to be my grammar teacher if you wish, there is a vaccancy for quit long time, I will appreciate.