Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Solar and Biogas Projects

The main source of fuel in Makete is fire woods, the logs. It is the responsibility of the women to collect fire wood which are used to cook, warm the house and warming bathing water and every thing that will require being preheated as well as source of light during night.

It happened some times back in early 2000, missionaries in cooperation with the local church leadership of the South Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania did a feasibility study to see if it is possible alleviate the situation.

It was revealed that the fetching of fire wood have consumed a lot of energy and time of these poor peasants women on the mountains, also they have to walk long distance to get an access of the forest where they can easily harvest the woods.

A simple solution was thought, these people have got plenty of cattle as their traditional wealth. One peasant could own as far as hundreds cows at one time. Then a simple solution was thought in relation to their cow keeping tradition.

A new technology was to be inverted in the Makete Mountains, the cow dung were proposed to be used to generate energy by producing a bio gas that would at last bee used to produce heat and light.

Then KPS mission in Germany volunteered to fund the project. On January, 2001 they transferred under project tattled (SCD, III 20201) the total of DM 5.714,00 for Biogas project. The money was directly received by Lutheran Mission cooperation, LMC.

On January 2003 they farther transferred a total of 12.000, 00€ for the same. The money was once again directly received by LMC.

To date these women is still spending more that five hours daily in the forest looking for the fire wood. Why? Because these projects proposal had never been implemented.

At time of planning the project, it was calculated that one biogas plant would cost approximately 500, 00$ that would serve one family. It is absurd that there is neither biogas plants in the district nor the money intended for this project in the bank accounts.

When this blog was going through the reports produced for different projects to be submitted to the donors in Europe, it was discovered this is one of the many projects whose report are still pending. However in the audit report by independent auditors the figures are not mentioned as they were not seen in the books of accounts.

This blog when demanded for explanation from by the Bishop of the diocese, Rev. Shadrack Manyiewa, I was told that the money was not embezzled instead inappropriately allocated.

The same happened to the money donated on January 2001 where by the total of 22.857, 00DM and on January 2003 a total of 20.000.00€ were donated for solar energy projects. Which till to date there is no single solar energy panel in this diocese.

In a quick summation a total of 28,571,00DM and 32,000,00€ went without being accounted for. And the supervisors, LMC nor the donors, missions abroad has ever asked for the where about of these funds.

When visited this diocese the LMC secretary, Lars Hofgren was told by this blog that, there have been gross mismanagement and embezzlement going on in this diocese for years now. Some of them could have been prevented if the donors could have taken tough stand to oversee what is going on in the field.

It is not the intention of this blog to disturb harmony in the house of the LORD rather, it is requesting making the house clean by participatory approach. Let us discuss where are all of these monies going? Who is benefiting? Are the beneficiaries the targeted group?

Be blessed.


Rainer Brandl said...

Dear Jackson, I hope that PIUMA and the HIV/AIDS patients are somehow well and Ikonda hospital will be helped to cary the incresaed burden due to the bad services in Bulongwa Lutheran Hospital.
Anyhow, I have seen two solar panels (one at Kidope and one at the missionaries house in Tandala) which of course were not planned to be paid by KPS, so where is the KPS money?
We were told that there are three bigogas equipments and the three different houses build by highest officers of the diocese, so obviously 1500 US$ have been spent, but what is about the rest? I doubt that the many small donors gave money in order to "misapropriate" it.

Anonymous said...

Geez.. what world are you living in DM has not been used since transition to a Euro on 31 December 1998, Germany was the one of the first countries to adopt the new currency. And you keep publishing this pumba.

Not that you dont have a point, but it irritates me to see how misinformed you can be while also you have been around Europe.

Please do work on these things as i keep telling you, its for you own good.

Accuracy, Spelling, Grammar are the building blocks of your little blogging career.

MBOGELA, Jackson said...

mmmmh was € introduced in 1998?? Ok It is not my interrest when was it introduced wheather it was in that year or not, wheather you a profesor at the university and therefore very keen with spelling and grammar or not, It does not real matter.

What is important is the fact that, the German mission transfered milions of money which according to different reports and Documents they were in DM.

The money were intended to help in some economical and social project which unfortunatuly they were never implemented. Worse eneough no one knows the where about of all the money which were evaluated in DM.

Our fathers who have been Bishops in Makete have benfited some of the money have even been used to put their children in better school and living thousands of parish members in darkness and extremly poverty.

when I look into all these I wondr which God do they preach? Is it the same God Of Abraham, Isac and Jacob, The same God that made Bones to walk again those times of Elija, the same God who appeared to saul and converted him into being Paul a new man and his mesenger???

I doubt, they must be serving a very different GOD. Their personality do not match with the personality of this God we sing his good news in church.

Anonymous.... Have you ever been to Makete, can you tell how many people do have solar energy?? How many people do have Biogas fermentors in their houses?? Money interms of milions were sent to Makete to make these project materialise, yet we had only a handful Biogas build, one in the house of the oneused to be the Bishop, then his Vice Bishop, then the Tressurer, FINITO.

The rest were used to build their private houses in Osterbay, eating and leaving lavish life. They have stolen more than robberer would have stolen, They have enriched themselves more than any one could think for the people of cloth. It is pity that you do not see all of these, if you try to oepn up your eyes and pretending looking you will see. However i am very happy that their days are numbered, they will have to pay back whatever they ow to the people of Makete. They will not keep on hiding and liying every day. it is Over, they should repent and pay