Friday, 2 February 2007


The members of the Kidope Parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, South Central Diocese, have lost one of the funding partner the Curau parish in German.

The news that have reached the desk of this blog says that, the Curau christians have pulled out from sponsoring any project to this parish following serious unaccountability and embezzlement of the funds donated to this parish for various project in past years.

Curau sponsored a number of projects for Kidope parish including, centre for the disabled and orphaned children, the public primary school and the centre in Makete town which if after completion could have been used as a source of income to sustain other non profit project.

Number of these projects have not been completed and the reports are still pending. Though the project have not been completed the money donated for these projects have been spent. Several time in different occasion when such crisis happens the leaders of different parishes including the diocese will run for simple excuse, the money have been spend on administration, paying salary of the staff who most of them do not exist.

The members of the parish were very angry with the financial committee which was been administered by the leading pastor of the parish. However in more than five consecutive meetings they came to realise that the pastor was the root of this embezzlement.

It was discovered that the pastor has deflected more than €.7.000- into his personal account. The pastor after facing the serious and angry members of the parish he admitted that he has swindled the money. The pastor when given a chance to defend himself he said he could not resist the temptation from the devil.

The shepherded that turned to become a wild dog was asked by his flock to refund the money. While waiting for the cash to be refunded the members of the parish were astonished to hear that Bishop has Shadrack Manyiewa transferred this pastor to another distant congregation.

Bishop Manyiewa is also under scrutiny by police force department for criminal investigation, following the embezzlement of thousands of donor money intended for different projects in the diocese he is leading. The donors have been distancing themselves from discussing the problems though they have been asked by the local people several times to take action.

The donors are blamed by the indigenous here for not being accountable, demanding reports and ensuring there are physical evidence on the progress for the projects they are funding.


Roy said...

I am so happy to be reading this blog. You are a true leader Jackson. Keep fighting for what you know is right. Do not be discouraged if things take time and those in power turn a blind eye to the poor and the sick. Justice will eventually prevail.

Rev. Merker said...

Dear Mr. Jackson Mbogela,
I am sorry. But the information you gave to internet is not true. We, the Ev. Luth. Church of Curau in Germany have not withdrawn our support to Lutheran Church Kidope. It´s just the opposite. And about the 7000€, you mention in your blog. I, myself, as the one, who signs this comment, transfer the 7000€ to the account of Rev. Sanga. I, myself, opend this account together with Rev. Sanga. And it is on me, to choose the way, how I bring the money from Germany to the parish of Kidope. I have in hand the saving statement of the account of the Parish Kidope. The money came to the account of the parish 24 hours later. I, myself, proofed this in July 2006 at the bank in Makete.

So, who you are, Mr. Mbogela, to tell not the truth. To discredit a Pastor with wrong information. Tell me. What is the intention of those who gave you wrong information, distroying the work of Supporters in Germany for Primary school pupils in Kidope and Aids affected people in Kidope. Why didn´t contact me for better information. You know my internetaddress. You must know it, because you took a picture from my homepage in your blog without any permission. All rights to this picture are on me. How you can accuse somebody in the internet with wrong information, and disobey the law yourself,using this picture. I ask you to correct your blog and not to spread wrong information in the world. I´ll expect your answer in your blog and with an email. My address is