Sunday, 17 February 2008

Money From USA where will it end up?

President of United States of America is paying a state visit to Tanzania a visit that will cost four days the USA presidents saying out of the Washington State House.

The USA president is expected to sign malt million USA $ grant that will e donated to Tanzania for AIDS, Maralia and Roads construction.

Many Tanzanians who have been interviewed by media local and international showed appreciation to the USA government and some worries.

Those who were able to express their worries said that they don’t think that the money will reach the target projects.

They said they advised the USA government to set a special organ to oversee the expenditure of the of the grants as they believe there will be huge misappropriation expenditure and embezzlement.

This have been the cry of this blog for years. The bloger is very much concerned with the donation that are given in terms of grants by donors abroad to African states, NGO and Faith based organization.

Some few years back we have witnessed huge investment by the Lutheran Church through European mission secretaries. The Germany missions organization like the Bavarians, KPS and many others in cooperation with their Scandinavian friends through a joint board Lutheran Mission Cooperation, LMC have donated millions of Euro to Tanzanian Lutheran Church which ended up in the pocket of the few.

The money were intended for Health and development projects like water, solar energy and so many others. Many projects were not implemented and very little were implemented with little satisfaction. They did not meet the target.

Why, because the money was not invested according to the agreed plan. The money have been transferred some where else, in the very big pocket of few. That is why you could see in this country there are so many mission hospital, schools and farms which do not deliver to the expectation of many.

The serious problems are two, the people who are entrusted with the funds and diverts the funds to a different place and those who give the funds and they do not care to see what are funds doing.

We have experienced bad result from the uncontrolled funds from donors to church structures. The funds have turned the priest Gods on the earth, they have been using this money to oppress the people they are supposed to serve.

You could not imagine that it will never happen in my diocese the southern central diocese to pick a patient by using the bishop car. The district is a very poor remote, mountainous area. People needs to walk more than 53 kilometers to a nearby Lutheran hospital. Yet the car of the bishop bought by donor money offer a lift to a patient in a very distance village I have worked in the hospital for a year a bishop have been moving around with a very fancy land cruiser never has very came in the hospital with a patient collected in the villages devastated with HIV/AIDS. Though he goes in villages almost every Sunday to preach more sacrifice collection.

If the bishop Driver have been send some where with he Bishop’s car, he will never put anyone in the bishop’s seat even if it will be a priest. Why? When I went to Makete and when in the diocese office, when I was at the reception I was astonished and caught with great surprise to hear that there is a chair at reception which no one is allowed to use only guest who have the rank of the bishop.

People who are giving funds could they have not been the contributing factor to say that they have made some people to have excessive power and therefore to be worshiped. People who gives money like the USA government should be very keen to see that their money is well spend on the intended projects.


Rainer Brandl said...

Dear Jackson,

you should keep in mind that Bishop Dr. Mwakabana was working in the headquarters of the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva.
I think that the Makete case has got enough publicity through many here and there are other probably much bigger cases in the Lutheran church at other places in the world. The execerices here is - as awlays - not justice and reconciliation, it is to sort some things out in order to avoid makete being a role case.

There are other things if you read the LMC reports, think about Mdegela and the Tanganyika refugee serives and many other cases in other countries...

Anonymous said...

Poor spelling and English in the blog, if you do something like this perhaps you should consider doing it right. Its a turn off to other readers.

MBOGELA, Jackson said...

Thnak you anonymous, what if next time you consider giving out your ID.