Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Betty Visiting Makete

The news that have just landed on our table from Makete says that the HIV/AIDS counsellor from Njombe Betty Liduke is her official visit to Makete.

Sources from Makete says that Betty will meet the leaders of PIUMA and latter on tomorrow she will attend all members meeting.

Among other things Betty is visiting the organization so that to render her assistance on action plan for the year 2008.

TANWAT hospital the employer of Betty have been in good cooperation with PIUMA though the highlands hope consortium.


Rainer Brandl said...

Dear Jackson,

good that you are online again and I wish you all the best for your ongoing fight against AIDS.

Maybe you can inform us in a more regular way what is going on in Makete and maybe you can tell us what Missions, the new bishop and the old networks are currentyl doing to sort out the criminal vices in the diocese?

Some in the society ask the government now to confiscate all the wealth gained through corruption by governmetn leaders.

This was a demand by you, some leaders and PIUMA already a long time back, when it came to SCD/ELCT. It seems the discussion got stuck, is there anything moving?

The missions decided to play the game that "foreigners wanted to destroy the church" and used this approach of racissm in order to neglect the voices of the local people and to go on financing the ELCT without any consequences.

Anonymous said...

but it seems she visited so that other top leaders could see her as real model and give any government job.

i wonder since she has been given a DC job, she no longer visit Makete.

shame on those who use problems from other people as a way to profit

Anonymous said...

in my previsious post..i mean..betty mkwasa